* Review furnished examples of student's recent class notes, worked assignments, quizzes and tests.

​​​* Evaluate current level of student's applicable math skills.

​ ​* Create student specific sequential 1-to-1 math topic or objective examples and assign exercises, practices and homework skills worksheets.

* Clarify student's rational behind current struggle with math.

​​* Keep parents and student informed of progress, advise parents of Phil's concerns, and be available for further joint discussion of concerns.

 Phil provides effective services for Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), WA.                                                           He will:                            

* Determine student's required math topic(s) objectives or course objectives.

​     ​*Demonstrate, teach, observe, reteach, evaluate, and repeat to enable student to master math topic objective(s) or attain course objective competence.

​​* Jointly discuss parent and student concerns.

​​* Assign students work to do in 1-to-1 in sessions or as homework to do between sessions.

* Discuss  student's specific math concerns with the student.

​​​​​​​​​                          Phil Eagle, Tri-Cities (K,P,R), WA, Effective Math Skills Tutor for Middle and High School Math.  

Do Algebra Right LLC Algebra Math Tutor Kennewick Richland Pasco​, WA.

* Implement a step by step progression of and assign standardized math objectives 

            leading to successful resolution of math topic(s) or course objective concerns.