​​​​​​​​​                          Phil Eagle, Tri-Cities (K,P,R), WA, Effective Math Skills Tutor for Middle and High School Math.  

Do Algebra Right LLC Algebra Math Tutor Kennewick Richland Pasco​, WA.

problems and assist others in his class at school.                 -- Tyna A.

My son, attending a private school during his freshman year, struggled with his math class.  We set up tutoring for him with Phil Eagle. He was very professional.    I think my son would have been lost without Phil - "Timely Tutors LLC" (now Do Algebra Right LLC) .  The services were provided in his home. We were welcomed to sit and wait for our student in their living room in full view of the tutoring room. You could hear the session going on.  My son succeeded in his class. I would highly recommend Phil Eagle! -- Cynthia N.

My son, a sophomore in high school at the time, was failing his Algebra math class when I took him to "Timely Tutors LLC" (now Do Algebra Right LLC) for help.  Mr. Eagle worked with him and fit him quickly into his schedule.  He helped him bring his grade up to a B+!  My son and I were both very happy with the results!
Mr. Eagle is a retired math teacher, Air Force veteran, and, is good with kids.  My son responded so well to him that not only the math grades came up, but he became more respectful! I would recommend "Timely Tutors LLC" (now Do Algebra Right LLC) to anyone who needs help with math.  

​Our son really enjoyed Phil's sense of humor and his ability to help work out problems. They were kind, very understanding and worked with him very well.  Our son never dreaded having to go to his lessons.  He appreciated being there and he appreciated that he could ask Phil whatever question he had.  I had called around to other tutoring services and their pricing was more than double what they charged us.  I would use "Timely Tutors LLC"  (now Do Algebra Right LLC) again.  I have recommended him to two friends that found him just as helpful and professional as I had!. -- Rosario V.

​Mr. Eagle, even squeezed me in a couple of times when I was struggling with my college Statistics Class! -- Nadine S. 

My 12-year-old son was diagnosed as ADHD years ago and had a very hard time concentrating for extended periods of time.  It was especially so with math.  My attempts to help failed. Phil came recommended from a co-worker.  My son started tutoring with him in March 2015.  Phil identified ways to work with my son that kept his attention a little longer than the visit before.  My son is now able to slow down and walk through the steps needed to solve problems. He also takes pride in being able to solve

​​​I highly recommend Phil Eagle for math tutoring at any level.  From the moment I met Phil, I was very pleased with his professionalism, knowledge of all math areas, and knowledge of school systems as well.  We started with once a week hour-long sessions, saw immediate improvement, and quickly moved to three sessions weekly.  They were always very professional, prepared, and began and ended on time.  Our appointments were always kept and they were very accommodating and quick to reschedule if we needed.  Phil provided lessons tailored to our son and helped his grade improve.